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“Heather is offering a service that is unorthadox and unusual. We didn’t know what to expect. How could a stranger keep us laughing for an hour? Well, Heather wasn’t a “stranger” from the moment she walked in. She is so warm and welcoming. We laughed and laughed! Anyone looking for a unique way to spend an hour should book Heather. We spent an hour laying down our cares, lifting each other up. Our sides and cheeks were aching and our eyes were spilling tears. Thank you Heather for your gift of laughter.”
– Claire
“Today’s journey was one of reliving past painful experiences and having the courage to laugh at them. As a non judgmental observer. This was very healing. This type of healing is an organic process. Things just come up. Laughing tones the organs + promotes healing to all the chakras. I feel very good now. Very settled. Heather has a wonderful healing energy.
“My name is Cassy Lawson Underwood. Can I just say, they are a ton of fun! We offer info sessions for family/friend caregivers out of our office. We normally have about 5-10 people at the sessions, but for laughter yoga we had 30 people show up. The energy at the beginning of the session was a little nervous/uncertain, and it took people a little while to warm up, but when they did! It was such a positive, feel good, contagious energy. Many people let me know how much better they were feeling at the end of the session.  We are considering have a regular laughter yoga opportunity out of our office. Heather was a great facilitator, she was welcoming, adaptable, and very responsive to the group.”
“Thanks again for sharing your gift of laughter. We are still using the phases “ Very good, very good, Yeah”. I heard about it the other day when some of the women were putting together the food processor (which is a trying job) and finally got it to work. The ones from the retreat did the little chant!”
Here are the comments people had filled out after your session.

  1. Very good, very good, yeah!
  2. Thank you for adding some good fun to our day
  3. It was very inspiring. Thank you.
  4. I didn’t think I could do it and I did!
  5. I need to laugh and loosen up more – Thank you.
  6. Lots of fun and good stretch of chest!
  7. My sides hurt! The mechanic of laughing turned in to real giggles
  8. To have everything turn out as it did was a get relief to me as coordinator and really made the whole weekend special.