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Team Building Workshops

Want to Team Up with Laughter?

According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 350 million people of all ages experience depression. Is depression affecting YOUR company?

Stressed/Depressed Employees = Low Moral

How does depression affect your company/organization?
– Decrease in Production
– Conflict between employees/employer
– Increased absence
– Poor Decisions
– Costly

“Stress is boring. Bring FUN to work!” Heather Burger AKA Miss Lafalot

Touch Laughter Therapy Treatments

History of Touch Laughter Therapy – Founder Heather Burger
After her Certification in Laughter Yoga in 2007, she became dedicated to the study of laugher and the effects of emotion on the human psyche and the physical body. Touch Laughter Therapy was born in the same year. She presented the technique to friends and family in 2011.

Touch Laughter Therapy – What is it?
Touch Laughter Therapy incorporates on purpose laughing, yogic breath, and gentle touch to offer comfort, relieve stress, and detox the body.

A your house, at work, retreats and conferences. TLT is a fun way to connect and laugh for the health of it.

What ages can experience TLT?
All ages and abilities. Consult your doctor to see if Touch Laughter Therapy is good for you at this time.

Benefits of Touch
Touch is a primal need for many organisms. Research shows that eye contact and gently stroking babies helps them grow in weight faster, and increases cognitive abilities. Babies will tend to cry less and have lower chemical stress response in their body. Studies show, such as in the method called, “Kangaroo Care”, skin to skin contact with mother, child in between her breasts for at least an hour daily can stimulate her milk production.

Key Note Speaking/Conferences

As a Laughter Expert, Heather shares valuable information regarding laughter and mental health, sharing tools to help you and your group achieve results instantly. Heather is known and respected for her engaging and humorous presentations that lift people up, laugh, and inspire.

Private and Group Breath Sessions

Push breath to the limits in a 50 minute session designed to detox your body and transform negative subconscious programming. Experience a powerful endorphin rush and extreme relaxation. Some people feel energized for weeks after just one session!

Birthday Parties

Age appropriate games and entertainment at your birthday. All ages over 6 welcome.

Clown Visits

Clown Visits – Volunteer Clown Group that visits individuals and groups in an around Edmonton. Anyone can join! Contact us to join the Clown Posse.

Special Events

Coming soon.